Privacy Policy

Privacy is ITVida’s number one concern! She will never share your personal information with third parties unless required to do so by law or requested by you. The information she collects from you will be used solely to maintain your website.

Ownership of Website

Upon completion of the client’s website design and final payment to ITVida, the client is the owner of the website, and may continue to use it regardless of whether she/he continues to work with ITVida. However ITVida reserves the right to feature the client’s website design in her online portfolio.

Website Domain Name and Hosting

Website domain names are leased from domain registration companies. When ITVida registers a domain name for a client, that registration will be made in the client’s name. Hosting services are registered in the client’s name as well — for an annual fee, a hosting company displays your website on the Internet.  Upon final payment for ITVida’s services, the client has the right to use the website’s domain name regardless of whether she/he continues to work with ITVida. Future renewal fees for the website domain name and hosting are the responsibility of the client.

Payment for Services

Website Design

After our initial meeting, ITVida will send a proposal to the client via email. The proposal will expire if not accepted within 30 days. A deposit of applicable fees for theme and logo plus one-half of ITVida’s Website Design fee are due upon acceptance of the proposal. Work on the proposed website will begin upon receipt of payment for these fees. Payment for the balance of ITVida’s services is due upon completion of the website. The website will not be made live on the Internet, nor will Admin Credentials be given to the client until all amounts due to ITVida are paid.

DIY Website Completion & Website Maintenance

ITVida charges $30/hour, charged by the quarter hour. Payment is due upon completion of work.